Deltona, Florida, United States

Bio: I am a 56 year old woman, and I live in Deltona, Florida, with my family. I have lived in several states, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri and now Florida! I started my life out, and spent my first 29 years of life in New York! I have three children and four grandchildren! I love being a Grandmother and spending time with my grandchildren, we don't have to be doing anything special, just being together is wonderful! I love to read, especially Amish and Christian Fiction! I really love Amish Fiction the most! That is because I lived near a large Amish Community In Pennsylvania and I got to know them personally! I found out that they are a very loyal and faithful group of people! I also think it is wonderful how they lead such a good life, using simple things and without electricity! When I read a book, I like when it can make me feel like I am right there, in that time and place! I am also going to start reviewing books, for different authors, in those fields, and possibly others! I also enjoy Crocheting, Scrapbooking and Quilting, which I am just starting to learn! I just got a kindle, and I am always on the lookout for free books and belong to a few sites that offer free books, I will write about them on the blog, from time to time! Not enough sites offer free Amish books! But I think that is changing! Well, I look forward to posting info and hopefully hearing from others!

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